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Christine and Ian


January 25, 2024

2024 CrossFit Good Fortune Intramural Open!

2 Teams (Team names: Kettlebell & Dumbbell)

  • Participating members will be selected by random draw
  • Participating coaches will be selected by random draw
  • Last day for early sign up is Sunday Feb 25th
    • Last minute signups will be allowed during the first weekend


  • Saturdays: 3/2, 3/9, 3/16 (brunch potluck to follow)
    • Heats starting at 9am will be available for signup in PushPress
    • Workouts will be one and done. We will not be rerunning heats for redos
  • If athletes cannot make Saturday morning at 9am, they will need to complete the workout at another time between Friday-Sunday of the workout weekend.
    • Please coordinate with Christine & Ian 
      • Text: 860-775-6963
      • Email:
    • We will not take scores for workouts completed after Sunday. If an exception is to be made, the athlete must discuss with Christine & Ian

1 Time Bonus Points:

  • 10 Points: Signing up for the CrossFit Open (
  • 5 Points: Sign up for the intramural open by 2/25

Weekly Bonus Points (5 points for each per team member)

  • Submitting your workout score by noon on Sunday
  • 3 class check-ins during the week (CrossFit, Gymnastics or Oly)
  • Completing/logging the monthly challenge for the week
  • Doing something with your fitness outside of the gym & tagging us in social media post (internal Social Feed on PP or Instagram tag)
    • Example: Going for a run, doing yoga, playing a sport, going for a hike. How are you using your fitness outside of the gym?

Athletes completing the workouts for submission to the CrossFit Open

  • Coach judge is required or athlete that has completed the 2024 Judges Course

Athletes completing the workouts for Intramural Open

  • Judge would be member of the opposing team

Post Open Celebration:

  • Brunch Potluck after the final workout

Winning Team:

  • Team winner & prize to be announced Sunday Night after scores can be tallied
  • If all athletes have completed their workouts the last Saturday morning we’ll announce the winning team and prize at the potluck


  • Points will be distributed based on leaderboard for workout
    • Example: 1st place is worth 100 points
  • Rx: 1:1
  • Scaled: .8:1 
  • Scoring Bonus: Achieving stimulus/target of the workout (.2:1)
    • Example: If a scaled athlete gets the quickest time they’d be awarded .8x100 points. If they achieve the stimulus of the workout they get an extra .2 which would bring the score in line with an Rx athlete. Rx Athlete that achieves the stimulus would get 1.2 x points awarded for their placement
  • Rx Definition: Completing the entire workout as prescribed for Athletes Age Group
  • Scaled Definition: Modifying any movement or reps
  • If an athlete starts Rx and reaches a movement they can’t complete & then scale, they will continue to accumulate reps but the workout is considered scaled.

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